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Most viewed - Road Signs on the A6
Sign on A6 Just north of Forton1098 viewsian001
Signs at M6 Junction 33 Roundabout1011 viewsian001
Direction Signs at A590/A6 Junction191 viewsThis is one of those roads where its number is a little unsure, originally the A590 came from behind where the photo was taken and went to the left. However the A590 is now the road in the distance. The road from behind the camera that then goes right is the A6 is other signs nearby are to be believed, but the A6 (southbound) follows the course of the old A6 and 1/4 mile east (behind). A third possibility is a minor road to the village of Levens part of which can be seen in the background. ian001
Sign on Old route of the A6 near High Hesket Cumbria186 viewsRare Pre Warboys signian001
Sign on A6 near Penrith184 viewsian001
Route sign at Beetham177 viewsian001
Route sign on A6 just south of Kendal Town Centre174 viewsNote that Lancaster is in brakets even though the A6 goes through the cityian001
Sign on Old route of the A6 near High Hesket Cumbria170 viewsian001
Sign near Levens before the A6 joins the A590170 viewsian001
Sign on A591 for A6 to Kendal154 viewsian001
Sign at the Start of the A6 at Carlisle151 viewsian001
Sign at Minthorpe on the A6 northbound151 viewsIn keeping with other signs this should be a white/black non primary route signian001
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