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last updated: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 19:08:03 GMT

 Wed, 20 Mar 2019 16:30:05 GMT Susan Waring: Murder arrest over missing Darwen woman
A man is arrested over the disappearance of Susan Waring, who has not been seen or heard from "for weeks".
 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 00:01:46 GMT Council tax increase: Why am I paying the police so much?
A bigger portion of your council tax will go to police this year. But why? And what is it used for?
 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:30:54 GMT Boy, 16, held over Preston school death threats
Police are called after online threats were allegedly made to a pupil from a Lancashire school.
 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:08:54 GMT Thief steals bus fares as Blackpool bus driver gives man first aid
Kath Smith spotted a man lying face-down in water in Blackpool during Storm Gareth.
 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 16:28:00 GMT 'Thai bride' body found on Yorkshire Dales in 2004 identified
Police say a woman found in the Yorkshire Dales in 2004 is Lamduan Armitage, nee Seekanya.
 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:07:38 GMT George Formby's 'hidden ukuleles' sold at auction
Two ukuleles used by George Formby, which were kept hidden for years, have fetched almost £24,000 at auction.
 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 10:43:44 GMT Blackburn Rovers: Club reports £16.8m loss in League One promotion season
Championship side Blackburn Rovers report a £16.8m net loss for their 2017-18 League One promotion season.
 Wed, 20 Mar 2019 06:36:55 GMT That Peter Crouch Podcast: 'He's one of them, but one of us too'
As That Peter Crouch Podcast returns for a second series, co-host Tom Fordyce explains how the Burnley striker has become the chief raconteur of the Premier League era.
 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 18:26:52 GMT EFL Day of Action: How football delivers hope, opportunity and smiles
Homeless projects, getting to play with the first-team and a spot of cooking are among the EFL's Day of Action events.

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