Church Inn on the old A6 at BondsBarnacre-with-Bonds

Crossing the River Wyre southbound on the B6430 out of Garstang the original course of the A6 the traveller enters the village of Bonds part of the parish of Barnacre-with-Bonds, Bonds sits neatly between the Bridge over the Wyre and a Bridge over the Lancaster Canal less than half a mile to the south. After the canal the road enters Bowgreave another village in the same parish. In fact most travellers who are not familer with this part of Lancashire if they did not notice the road signs would assume they where still in Garstang as one village merges into the next.


Greenhalgh CastleHistorical Barnacre-with-Bonds

This parish is relatively new the Parish Church is at Barnacre was only built in 1905 whilst the Catholic Church in Bonds is a little older being built in 1858. The Church Inn at Bonds dates back several centuries to 1790 when it was converted from two houses to the Rose and Crown it was given its current name when the nearby church opened in 1858. Interestingly there is no village of Barnacre, just a large house Barnacre lodge less than a mile east of the M6.

Greenhalgh Castle which stood on Castle Lane just east of Bonds was prehaps the most interesting building that ever stood in the parish. Thomas Stanley the first Earl of Derby built the Castle in 1490. During the Civil War James, Earl of Derby in support of Charles 1, garrisoned the castle. The Royalists held out against a bitter siege by Parliamentary troops during 1644/45 before eventual surrender. Dismantled around 1650 the castle's stones were used in local buildings. Now only a crumbling corner tower remains.


The A6 and M6 in Barnacre-with-Bonds

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 The A6 today Bypasses Barnacre with Bond, going further west through the parish of Kirkland. Originally it entered Bonds from the north over the Wyre Bridge from Garstang continuing south through Bonds and across the Lancaster Canal into Bowgreave where it turned west before turning south through the village leaving the parish at Calder Bridge over the River Calder and on to Catherall.

The M6 by contrast cuts the parish in two, entering the parish from the north about a mile south of Scorton Village, continuing in a south slightly easterly direction to leave just south of the bends near the former Garstang Dairy