Old Nells Inn BilsborrowMyerscough and Bilsborrow

Myerscough and Bilsborrow lies in central Lancashire a little south of the River Wyre. The parish contains 2 villages, Brock which then runs into the larger Bilsborrow. Myerscough is just a hamlet to the west of Bilsborrow its main building being the Myerscough Collage, at one time just dealing Agriculture but has since diversified into other areas of further education.

Today one of the largest buildings in the parish is the new Bartoin Grange Garden Center which moved from nearby Barton to just north of Brock.


Bilsborrow ChurchHistoric Myerscough and Bilsborrow

The Lancaster Canal and West Coast Main Line,all pass north-to-south through the parish. There are canal moorings at Bilsborrow, and a marina at the Barton Grange garden centre to the north. When the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway opened in 1840, it built Roebuck railway station next to the village, but in 1849 it was replaced by Brock railway station, half-a-mile to the north, which survived until 1939

At its centre of Bilsborrow is a war memorial in memory of servicemen from the three parishes of Bilsborrow, Myerscough and Barton. Their boundaries divide the modern village, even cutting through the bowling green of the Rowbuck Inn, and this makes tracing Bilsborrow's history a confusing task.

The original Myerscough Hall disappeared to make way for the Lancashire College of Agriculture. Nothing original survives of Myerscough Lodge, the home of Thomas Tyldesley, the Roman Catholic recusant whose diary of 1712 to 1714 throws a fascinating light on the life of the lesser gentry of the times. However, Brook House, visited by John Wesley in 1775, still remains. The Methodist Chapel in Bilsborrow Lane was opened in 1811 on the side of an old pothouse.


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The A6 and M6 in Myerscough and Bilsborrow

The A6 enter Myerscough and Bilsborrow at a bridge over the Lancaster Canal just north of Brock. Running throgh Brock and on into Bilsborrow first of all south westerly then after Bilsborrow south easterly. It leave the parish near to a old milestone just north of Barton. However for about a mile or so the A6 is the boundary between Myerscough and Bilsborrow and Barton

The M6 continues its southward course through Myerscough and Bilsborrow heading in a southeasterly course passing just to the east of Bilsborrow village.