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Of all the parishes the A6 passes through in this part of Lancashire Cabus is the one that is often overlooked, being just west of the larger village of Scorton and just North of the small town of Garstang which many a traveller not familier to the area may feel that they are entering rather than a seperate village. Nevertheless Cabus is an independant village contributing to the life of the A6



Cabus Toll HouseHistorical Cabus

Cabus is unusual in the as a parish it has no church, no school what is also unusual is that there is no real village. Cabus was mentioned as far back as the 16th century and likely goes back further. The real place of historical interest is at the southern end of the parish, where the old road to Garstang now the B6430 leaves the A6, near to this junction is the original Toll House for the Garstang and Heiring Syke Turnpike. This toll house will likely be at or very near to the southern end of the turnpike as it is very near to Garstang. Most of Cabus's history will either have been agricultaral or tide in with the road. In the northen part of Cabus are 2 inns far enough away from Garstang to be an ideal place to change horse teams.


cabus mapThe A6 and M6 in Cabus

The A6 enters Cabus aprublty at the southern end of Forton village, in fact if it was not for the signs most travellers would thing they are still in Forton as the village seems to continue. The A6 continues south through countryside, however the A6 has been improved with several bends being taken out, the old road is used on the eastern side as a country lane/layby, whilst the western side is a layby. The A6 again enters what appears to be another village, most travellers would assume they where entering Garstang but they are still in Cabus till just after the junction of the old road through Garstang with the new Garstang bypass. Before this bypass was built the A6 continued due south before entering Garstang, today the newer Bypass swings slightly west.

The M6 does not go through Cabus but goes through Scorton, mention of which cannot pass withot mentioning the slopping bridge near to Scorton village, one of the nicest looking bridges on the British motorway system.