The A6 approaching Carleton from the southCarleton

When leaving the M6 at junction 42 and heading to Carlisle, the first time visitor may well believe as they approach the first few buildings that they are in Carlisle. In fact they are in Carleton a village that just about keeps its identity on the south eastern edge of Carlisle. Breaking news for Cumbria including the Carleton area can be found on our Cumbria News Page. A photo gallery for Carleton where you can veiw and upload photos is available in our galleries section


Terrace of houses in CarletonHistorical Carleton

The Roman road out of Carlisle passed through Carleton on the route of todays A6. There was an army camp not too far away from the current motorway junction. Although there is very little remaining of the army camp, the road survived through the middle ages to become under the control of the Carlisle and Eamont Bridge Turnpike trust in 1763, later to become the A6


The A6 curving through Carleton on its way to CarlisleThe A6 and M6 in Carleton

The A6 enters Carleton from the south east it continues in a north westerly direction to enter Carlisle. Up until 1972 this was the main road north with all the traffic going to Scotland, however since the completion of the Carlisle bypass section of the M6 the A6 has become the main road form the M6 from the south into Carlisle, still carring a good amount of traffic, but not the major volume of pre motorway days.