Carlisle Citadel the most northen point of the A6A6 in Carlisle

Carlisle is the most northerly point of the A6. Today the official A6 starts at the roundabout at Carlisle Citadel. It proceeds south easterly along Botchergate a rare and prehaps unique road name then for the first time it becomes one of the commonest name on the A6 that of London Road.



Botchergate the first part of the A6 going south from Carlisle City CentreThe A6 up to 1972 the A6 into Carlisle was the main west coast route north, with the whole of the traffic to Scotland, particularly the traffic to Glasgow and to the port of Stranraer, on top of the traffic from the south particularly traffic from Penrith on top of the local city traffic, as with a lot of cities at the time traffic was busy all the time, but with this road coming into Carlisle it was very busy, often during the morning rush hour.

Map of Carlisle City Centre in 1927This map shows Carlisle in 1927, the A6 is in pink finishing at the Citadel just outside the station, the A7 (Light Blue) veers off the the right along Lowther Street. The A69 (Yellow) head east along Warwick Road, Whilst the A595 (brown) continues through the city centre along English Street and Castle Street turning westward near the Castle . By 1990 the routes had changed to below, the A7 ran east along Victoria Place to turn northbound onto a new dual carriageway. The A69 has been moved north onto Victoria Place, while the A595 has been taken north of the city centre to join the A7 at Hardwicke Circus. The A6 is unaffected starting at the Citadel