Carnforth Town CentreCarnforth

Carnforth is now the main town of far north Lancashire. Known for its railway station and the film Brief Encounter the town is today a busy shopping center and the centre of the local limestone quarrying industry.

The towns history is linked with the communications of the area, long before the railways came the then village was a Centre on the main north road, now the A6 and M6, later the canal and finally the railways played a part in shaping today's town. Breaking news for Lancashire including the Carnforth area can be found on our Lancashire News Page. A photo Gallery for Carnforth where photos can be viewed and uploaded can be found on our Galleries Page



Quiet Time on the A6 in CarnforthThe A6 & M6 in Carnforth

From 1960 to 1968 Carnforth was known as the northern end of the M6, up until 1970 it was still the northern end of the M6's main section the motorway ending at a roundabout on the A6 about a mile north of the town. The original motorway skirted the town's eastern and northern edges. In 1970 the M6 was extended through from Carnforth to join with the earlier Penrith Bypass built in isolation in 1968. Junction 35 was one of the main junctions on the M6 up until the A591 Kendal Link was built in 1975, however it still continues to be a busy junction. A quarry link was added in 1985 to the B6254 the new road along with the northern half mile of the original M6 was given the number A601(M).

The A6 enters Carnforth along Scotland Road and runs almost straight south crossing the towns main traffic lights (pictured above) into Lancaster Road then through the town before leaving via Crag Bank where it runs between the Lancaster Canal and main London Glasgow Railway line to Bolton le Sands.