The A6 and M6 pass through a total of 14 counties, from Cumbria in the north to Bedfordshire in the south. In times past the A6 also passed through Hertfordshire and Greater London


View into Cumbria showing the southern Lakeland HillsCumbria

The most north westerly county in England the county of Cumbria stretches from the Irish Sea coast to the pennines and from the Solway Firth to Morecambe Bay, it is one of the most beautiful counties in England containing the Lake District National Park, wild coastline along with many historic towns and villages. Carlisle is its only city. Cumbria is the most northerly county on boththe A6 and M6

Blackpool Lancashires largest TownLancashire

In North West England Lancashire stretches from Morecambe Bay in the north to Rossendale Forest in the south from the shores of the Irish Sea in the west to the Pennine Fells in the east is a county of contrast, from the flat plains of the Fylde to the rugged Bowland fells, from the tranquility of Whitewell to the hustle and bustle of Preston. The A6 and M6 enter the county near each other at the northern edge pass the counties two cities Lancaster and Preston then part company in the south of the county.


Manchester City CentreGreater Manchester

Created in 1974 out of the south eastern corner of Lancashire and parts of Cheshire, Greater Manchester stands on the eastern side of the Lancashire plain nestling below the pennines. As its name suggests it includes the city of Manchester, along with Salford and several satellite town. The A6 enters the county near Adlington passing through Salford, Manchester and Stockport to exit at the south eastern corner. The M6 enters the county just north of Wigan, just passing through the north western corner before exiting near Haydock just south of Wigan.


The Mersey FerryMerseyside

Also created in 1974, Merseyside took parts on south west Lancashire and northern Cheshire. Merseyside as its name suggests straddles the Mersey estuary not too far from the northern edge of the Engish-Welsh border. The county is dominated by the City of Liverpool. The A6 does not run through the county, whilst the M6 runs for a few miles along the counties eastern edge just north of St Helens.


Building in Chester county town of CheshireCheshire

The county on the northern border with Wales, In 1974 Cheshire lost Stockport but gained Warrington. Chester is the main city. The M6 passes through central Cheshire from north to south, it is also the mid point on the A6, after the changes of 1974 the A6 just enters Cheshire for a few miles around Disley.


Maltock Bath DerbyshireDerbyshire

Is a county of contrasts the northern section is almost part of the north west of england is fell country comprising the Peak District with such fells at the Peak and Kinder Scout. The southen section is less hilly crossed by one of Englands major Rivers the Trent. Derby in the south of the county is the main city.



The River Trent at Lichfield StaffordshireStaffordshire

When passing the border to Staffordshire the M6 not only passes a county boundary it passes over for the North of England to the Midlands. The county in the north west midlands is dominated by one of England's great rivers the Trent


Coventry one of the West Midlands 3 citiesWest Midlands

The third metropolitan county created in 1974, the West Midlands the county is in the heart of England dominated by the huge city of Birmingham. It also contains the most famous junction on the M6, Junction 6 at Gravelly Hill commonly known as Spaghetti junction.


Warwick the county town of WarwickshireWarwickshire

The county often describes itself as the Heart of England, Warwickshire is situated at the centre of the Midlands it is the county of Rugby and Stratford on Avon with a wealth of history. The M6 crosses the county from West to East across the counties northern section running just north of Rugby.


Belvoir Castle in LeicestershireLeicestershire

The Largest county in the East Midlands, Leicestershire dominated by the city of Leicester in the centre of the county. The county is very pictorial rolling hill land and pleasent towns and villages.