View from the Bridge over the River Eamont that gives the village its nameEamont Bridge

As the A6 leaves Penrith at the A66 roundabout it arrives in Eamont Bridge. As it name suggests the village contains a Bridge over the River Eamont.

Eamont Bridge in the 1950's and 1960's up until 1968 was known to most travelers for just one thing Traffic jams!. The bridge is a single lane hump back bridge which out of necessity needs to be traffic light controlled. After the opening of the M6 traffic has been drastically reduced, so traffic jams for this particular village is fortunately a thing of the past. Traffic though is slightly heavier on this stretch of the A6 than it is about 3 miles further north as there are a few more villages in this area. Breaking news for Cumbria including the Eamont Bridge area can be found on our Cumbria News Page. A photo Gallery for Eamont Bridge where photos can be viewed and uploaded can be found on our Galleries Page


An older house in Eamont BridgeHistorical Eamont Bridge

There is no evidence of a roman settlement indeed a Roman Road here however the name is Roman for River Meeting the Rivers Lowther and Eamont meet close by. In 927 it was a meeting place for the Kings of Scotland .

However it was likely after the building of the original bridge in the 14th century and the later stone bridge in 1425 that the village developed, this may likely give us a date for the road over Shap. In 1745 a battle was fought here by Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Eamont Bridge was also the southern end of the Carlisle and Eamont Bridge Turnbike Trust it was likely the bridge itself being the boundary between this trust and the Heiring Syke and Eamont Bridge Trust the two of which covered most of the route of the A6 in Cumbria.


The appoach to Eamont Bridge on the A6 to the northThe A6 and M6 in Eamont Bridge

The A6 spends about a mile in Eamont Bridge from the A66 roundabout to near where it crosses the main railway line. The A6 travelling southwards is just slightly eastwrdts of a straight north-south line through the village. There is one major junction in the village just some of the bridge where the B5230 crosses at a staggard junction to become the B6232 heading to meet the A66. For anyone who passed through here in the 1960's this junction may seem suprising as memories may go back to a junction with the A592, so what happened?



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In 1968 when the M6 Penrith Bypass was opened several road numbers changed locally. The A594 from Penrith to Workington was changed to the A66, the B5230 which ran from just west of Pooley Bridge to join the A594 swaped numbers with the A592 no doupt as this shortened the route to junction 40 of the M6.


The M6 itself hereabouts runs south easterly from junction 40 to turn more southerly as it nears the A6 just south of Eamont Bridge.