railway viaduct at galgateEllel with Galgate

As the A6 moves south from Lancaster it crosses the boundary into the parish of Ellel. Ellel is a parish of several villages, the most northerly is Bailrigg just east of the A6, Ellel village itself lies on a minor road just east of the A6. Half a mile further south is the village of Galgate, the village is dominated by a large viaduct taking the main railway line high above the A6 as well as a mill which can be seen just to the left of the A6 when approaching the village from Lancaster.



a6 entering GalgateHistorical Ellel with Galgate

Ellel village dates back to Saxon times with its chapel being built soon after the norman conquest. The main manor house Ellel Grange lies just south of Galgate on the west side of the A6. Galgate was built later around the Silk mill which was built in the 1820's at the north eastern corner of the village, along with several inns near to the centre of the village where the A6 meets a roman road from Ribchester.


galgateThe A6 and M6 in Ellel with Galgate

During the 1970's this section of the A6 was a pleasant run through the countryside. Today it is difficult to see where Lancaster ends and Galgate begins. The reason is Lancaster university campas which now occupies most of the area east of the A6 between the two places. With 2 sets of traffic lights and buildings set back above the A6 it feels very much like a suburb of a major city, not a green belt between a city and a village. The A6 is quite busy at this point with traffic traveling between Lancaster, the M6, Garstang and several other villages as well as local traffic generated by Galgate village and Lancaster University. The A6 continues south through Galgate passing the villages main traffic lights and passing under the railway viaduct, before coming to the roundabout that once marked the southern end of the Lancaster Bypass but now is junction 33 of the M6.

The M6 enters Ellel Parish just before it starts descending the hill just south of Lancaster, on the eastern flank of the university campas and continues onto the Lancashire plain passing junction 33 heading south towards Lancaster (Forton) Services.