Garstang Town HallGarstang

The town of Garstang sit not too far away from the mid point on the A6 between Lancashires, 2 current cities Preston and Lancaster, and not too similar distance east of Lancashires largest town Blackpool , making it a good place to be able to access all 3, however it is far enough away to have its own shopping centre. The town today has 3 large supermakets giving testimony to the towns ideal location for a shopping centre. The town is a route centre for what is now central Lancashire, however with the Bowland Fells not too far to the east the there is just 2 main routes, the A6 north - south and the A586 to Blackpool.



garstangThe A6 and M6 in Garstang

The A6 route through Garstang has changed since the road.s started to be numbered in the 1920's. The A6 entered Garstang from the North from Cabus, contining more or less due south through the toiwn and out to Catherall, thne next village south. However in the late 1920's a short new road was built connecting the A6 at Cabus with the B5272 that ran down from Cockerham to meet the A586 just outside Garstang, this road was improved to take the increased traffic from a local B road to the main north south road. The A6 then ran on along what was previously the A586 Garstang to Blackpool road to near Churchtown where it ran on the course of another B road the B5271 that connected the A586 with the old A6 from Catheral. The old A6 through Garstang became the B6430 which it is today.