Garstang High Street once part of the A6The A6 in Garstang

Garstang was one of the earliest towns on the A6 to be bypassed the history of the A6 in Garstang very much mirrors that of Bolton le Sands about 15 miles to the north. In that the original A6 used the course of the historic north - south roads through the town. This road soon became congested in the 1920's meaning the building of a bypass to the west. During the 1960's this bypass was essentially bypassed by the M6. In Garstang the A6 bypass was built in 1926, however only part of the bypass was new, the northern part from the junction of the B6430 (the old A6) crossing the first set of traffic lights and across the Lancaster Canal and to what is today a minor road by what is now a Hand Car Wash called Kepple Lane. In the 1920's Kepple Lane was the A586 the main road to Blackpool which turned sharp left at what is now the junction of the A6, the A6 now uses the carriageway of what was once the A586 up until its junction with the new A586. Beyond this junction the A6 uses what was the B5271 back to the junction of the B6430 near to Catherall where the bypass finishes.


What may surprise the traveller is that the A6 actually spends less time in Garstang than one would imagine. It actually enters the town from the north at the traffic lights with the B5272 crossing the Lancaster canal and actually exiting the town just a little south of the junction with Kepple Lane.

Garstang can be seen off the M6 which is only about a mile to the east of the town towards the southern end of a long straight section that starts just south of Lancaster (Forton) Services