Heversham Village CentreHeversham & Leasgill

Heversham stands in south Cumbria, about 6 miles south of Kendal, Leasgill is prehaps best described as a hamlet just to the north of Heversham. The villages today stand just east of the A6 being bypassed as early as 1927. Heversham at one time was the main village in this part of Cumbria, however in recent times this role has been taken on by nearby Milnthorpe about a mile further south.



Heversham ChurchHistorical Heversham

Heversham likely originated in Saxon times, the church on of the oldest buildings dates back to Saxon Times. The village as one of the main villages of South Cumbria also had a Grammer School which has only recently amalgameted into the comprehensive system. The turnpikes came to the village 1859 with the completing of the Clawthorpe, Milnthorpe & Kendal Trust


The A6 approaching HevershamThe A6 & M6 in Heversham

The original A6 can still be followed through the village however the narrow bend near to the church was proving a bottleneck for traffic as early as the 1920's resulting in one of the earliest bypasses on British Roads. The bypass is still called Prince's Way. named as I understand it because it was opened by the Prince of Wales. This bypass was replaced as the main north south road in 1970 by the M6 however it was still a busy road for the next few years until the opening of the Kendal link road in 1975 and the Sizergh/Levens bypass on the A590 in 1984 Today the A6 is a fairly quite road however as it still carries traffic to the large vilages of Milnthorpe and Arnside it is busier than the sections further north.

Main routes through HevershamThe A6 enters Heversham from Levens Bridge continuing southbound, just after the end of the Dual Carrigeway at Levens Bridge a road forks to the left. This was the A6 before 1927,this road parrellers the A6 along Princes Way but goes through the village. The two meet up at the north of Heversham for the A6 to continue on its original roure to Milnthorpe.


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