Lancaster City and the River LuneLancaster

Lancaster is prehaps one of the most underated historical cities in Britain, its history and some of its buildings should put it on a par with York or Chester, however somehow it has never lived up to the history the city has. Today Lancaster is the main city of north Lancashire, up until recently it was Lancashire's only city, but with Preston recently becoming a city the county now has 2 cities. There are several towns in Lancashire larger than Lancaster.

The city is situated 6 miles soth of Carnforth at the lowest bridging point of the riiver Lune. Going noth to south on the A6 it is the first city since Carlisle and the largest place the A6 passes since Carlisle. Breaking news for Lancashire including the Lancaster area can be found on our Lancashire News Page. A photo Gallery for Lancaster where photos can be viewed and uploaded can be found on our Galleries Page


Skerton Bridge carrying the A6 southbound across the luneThe A6 & M6 in Lancaster

The route of the A6 through Lancaster has been altered over the years by one way schemes, up until 1960 the A6 through Lancaster was the main north south route, today the A6 enters Lancaster from the north as a fairly quite none primary road, from Slyne just bringing local traffic into the city. However depending of time of day it can go in a less than a quarter of a mile from a quite country main raod to a city traffic jam. The A6 joins the cities one way system where it merges with the very busy A683 from Morecambe and now crosses the River Lune as part of the A683 primary route. It reamerges from the A683 to become the main and very busy non primary route through the city centre, before continuing south on a busy road south to Galgate and the M6

Lancaster was the second city in Britain to be given its own motorway bypass (at the time it could be described as the first city as Preston the first was a town!). although the Lancaster bypass of the M6 was the 4th motorway built two others the M4 Chiswick flyover and the M1 out of London where not built as bypasses. The Lancaster Bypass opened in 1960, bypassing the city to the east taking traffic off the A6 at Carnforth, then back on at Hampson Green just south of Galgate.