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Lowther village lies just off the A6 about 4 miles south of Penrith, between Clifton and Hackthorpe. The village actually stands on a loop road just west of the main A6 which effectively forms a Lowther Bypass.

Today Lowther posses little problems for the A6 traveler aside from a few bends, the village being bypassed by the M6 in 1968. Breaking news for Cumbria including the Lowther area can be found on our Cumbria News Page. A photo Gallery for Lowther where photos can be viewed and uploaded can be found on our Galleries Page


Lowther CastleHistorical Lowther

The village of Lowther as it stands today is relatively new. It was built in the early 1800's by the Lowther family who owned the nearby Lowther Castle to replace an earlier estate village built in the 1600's. The Heiring Syke and Eamont Bridge Turnpike Trust at the time owned the main road, it looks likely that the Lowther family built the village just off the main turnpike road.

Lowther Castle itself was built in 1806 replacing a home which had been occupied by the Lowther Family since the 13th century. The original Roman Road ran about 2 miles to the east of Lowther it may have been the influence of the Lowther Family and the nearby Shap Abbey that moved the main road west from the Roman Road to the course of the A6.


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The A6 & M6 in Lowther


With the A6 being just east of Lowther village, the village itself posed little problems for the A6 traveler apart for a couple of junctions. The A6 through the village was a very busy road up until the building of the M6 slightly east of Lowther in 1968, the A6 effectively being reduced to a local road connecting Penrith with a number of Villages.

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