M6 in Greater ManchesterM6 in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester, is newer than the M6 that passes through it, the county came into existance during the local government reorganisation in 1974, the M6 through the county was built in 1963. The 6 enters Greater Manchester just after junction 27, climbing to a summit near to Wigan it then decendends to Junction 26 before climbing again then quicly descending to junction 25. Soon after this it crosses the county boundry into Merseyside.


Junction 26 Signs Junctions 27-26 , the M6 climbs up towards a summit near to Wigan fine veiws of the town can be seen on the climb including the Heinz factory. It then make a short decsent to the junction.


Junction 26 Wigan West, M58 the nothern junction for Liverpool, as well as Skelmesdale and Southport. This can be a very busy junction especcialy early weekday mornings when queues can sometimes build up on the M6.

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Junctions 26-25 Southern Wigan Bypass, shortly after the junction the M6 turns easterly and decends, fine views can be had over Manchester and its satalites.


Sign at Junction 25Junction 25 Wigan South, A49 this is a northbound only junction for Wigan.


Junctions 25-24 the M6 turns more southerly crossing the boundary to Merseyside shortly after the junction.