M6 in Leicestershire


Leicestershire, the most southerly and easterly county on the M6, the county where the M6 meets the M1. The M6 enter Leicestershire as it crosses the A5 just east of Rugby then continues southeast for less than 2 miles until it reaches the M1 A14 junction


Junctions 1-M1 19 Eastern Rugby Bypass, a short section mostly acrigultral scenery, mostly dominated by the signs for the forthcoming junction.


Signs at the end of the M6

moving your mouse over most signs will show northern sign


Junction 19 M1 North Rugby, M1/A14/ the first or final junction on the M6 depending on direction of Traffic. Traffic either continues straight on via the A14 to Kettering, Cambridge and Felixstowe. The rest join the M1 south for Northampton and London.