Queue on the M6 in MerseysideM6 in Merseyside

Merseyside, this is one of the briefest visits to a county the M6 makes, in fact because there are no signs saying you are in the county many travelers would have not realized they passed through Merseyside on there journey through north west England. The M6 enters Merseyside just south of junction 25, it quickly passes junctions 24 & 23 and about 5 miles after it arrived it leaves crossing the border into Cheshire

Junctions 25-24 Wigan Warrington sections, little can be seen from this small section except cuttings and the occasional glimpes of what was industrial south Lancashire.


Junction 24 southbound signJunction 24 Ashton in Makerfield, A58 this is one of those junctions where traffic can only join on one carrigeway and leave on the other. Northbound traffic joins from St Helens, whilst southbound traffic leaves for St Helens.


Junctions 24-23, this small section is again mostly cuttings however junst north of junction 23 Haydock park race course can be seen just to the east.


moving your mouse over most signs will show northern sign


Southbound Sign at Junction 23Junction 23 Haydock, A580, when this stretch of the M6 was first opened this was one of the most important junctions in this Area being the northerly junction for Liverpool and a secondary junction for Manchester. The A580 or East Lancs. Road as it is known was built in the 1930's to speed up traffic between Manchester and Liverpool. In the 1970's it was replased by the M62 a few miles further south, whilst the M58 further north takes most of the Liverpool traffic leaving this junction bypassed on both sides.