M6 Junction IIa


Southbound sign at Junction 11a

Junction 11a near Cannock is the northern end of the M6 Toll which runs from here eastwards past Lichfield and Tamworth to rejoin the M6 at junction 3a near Coleshill just east of Birmingham. There two junctions are very similar being a simple motorways merge as well as being the newest junctions on the M6

The M6 in the West Midlands has become a victim of its own success, during the 1970's it was heralded as a quick through route to London, escaping the traffic jams of roads such as the A5 and freeing up traffic through Birmingham. By the 1990's the M6 through Birmingham was regularly queued turning the 1970's dreams into a nightmare.

The solution was a further motorway bypassing Birmingham, but with changing times the new motorway was to be financed by private money which could be then recouped by charging a toll, have we not seen this idea before?

At Junction 11a the M6 south has been realigned to favor the M6 Toll so that Birmingham traffic must effectively turn off the M6 its design is shown below:-


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