Sign at Junction 12M6 Junction 12


When this junction opened on 12th March 1966 it was the next to last junction on the M6, however for many travellers going south for the next 6 years this was effectivelly the end of the M6, the M6 gradually built south into Birmingham then east towards the M1 however until this link was filled this was the junction southbound traffic used for the M1 south and particularly London. Northbound it was also a major junction for Telford, Shewsbury and North Wales.


How Times Change, in March 1972 the gap between the M6 and M1 was finally closed relegating this junction from the main junction south to the junction for Cannock and Brownhills. However despite this I know several drivers who to avoid Birmingham and the jams on the M6 turn off here and follow the A5 a good trunk road to pick up the M1 near Rugby. Northbound the junction is now practically defunct, in 1983 the M54 opened up just to the south of this junction taking virtually all the through traffic that previously used this junction, despite this it is still the one of three single diget roads the M6 either crosses or meets the other two being the A7 at Carlisle and of couse the A6 north of Preston.


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