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Cumberland Gap roadworks relplacing the A74 with the M6It was in 1970 that the M6 first bypass Carlisle and reached what was for some time to come be its northern end at junction 44 with traffic either turning off for the A7 or continuing on to the two lane Trunk Road the A74. Between 1991 and 1995 the A74 upgraded to a dual carriageway in the 1960's was upgraded to a Motorway from the Scottish Border at Gretna to Glasgow, south of Abingdon it was given the number A74(M) and north of Abingdon the M74. this was opened on Friday 5th December 08



Cumberland Gap roadworks relplacing the A74 with the M6This left 6 miles of 2 lane A74 between Junction 44 of the M6 just north of Carlisle and junction 22 of the A74(M) at Gretna, known as the Cumberland Gap which was always intended to be upgraded but never seemed to be built. In December 2004 a serious accident nvolving an HGV and two other lorries being at a point south of the last exit before the M6 forced the closure of the Cumberland Gap for 2 days with drivers being caught in a queue with no way of getting out. The accident made national headline.


Cumberland Gap roadworks relplacing the A74 with the M6Things moved on quickly to an enquiry on replacing the gap with a motorway, work starting on the new motorway early in 2006 with the section expected to be completed in 2008. What number will the road take? There is no doubt that the new section will be part of the M6, signs at the start of the section confirm this but what of the A74(M) and M74. It depends on who you ask. Some say it will stay as now, others say it will be renumbered M6 right through to Glasgow. Historically th M6 should have replaced the A74(M) as far as Abingdon then split into 2 with the M74 going to Glasgow whilst a new motorway either the M7, M73 or M702 would go through to Edinburgh. Whether this latter motorway will be built remains to be seen. As to the other proposals of renumbering the A74(M) and M74 then watch this space!


New sign at junction 42New Direction Signs on the Northern M6

As built the destinations at the top of the direction signs on the M6 between Preston & Birmingham read Birmingham (Southbound) and Preston (nortbound) despite there being several large towns and cities the M6 passed beteen the two. North of Preston it was a different story the northbound signs read, Blackpool & Lancaster, Lancaster, Kendal & Morecambe, Kendal, Kendal & Barrow, Penrith, Penrith & Carlisle, Carlisle and finally the north! Southbound was slightly better reading Penrith, Kendal & Lancaster, Lancaster, Lancaster & Preston, Preston & Blackpool.

In recent months these signs have been replaced with signs nortbound giving the destionation of Calisle & in order, Lancaster, Kendal, Penrith & Scotland.. Whilst southbond all thee signs having Preston & in order, Penrith, Kendal, Lancaster & Blackpool. Thus now Carlisle is signposted from as far south as Preston whilst Preston is signposted from as far north as Carlisle. For more details on individual signs see our Cumbria and Lancashire motorway pages.

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