The Slyne Hotel alongside the A6Slyne with Hest

Slyne with Hest are two villages that have effectively become one. Slyne with some of the oldest housing occupied the A6, whilst Hest Bank was the stopping off point for the road across the sands, and a fishing village occupied the area between the Hest Bank Hotel and the sea. Whilst Slyne has grown westward, Hest Bank has met it growing east. By the end of the twentieth century the two villages had joined with the memorial hall being the only noticeable boundary.



One of the old cottages by the A6 in SlyneHistorical Slyne with Hest

Of the two villages Slyne is likely the older going back to Saxon times, the A6 through the village has several cottages and farms going back to the 1600's, as you drive through the village it is not too difficult to imagine what the village looked like 250 years ago. Apart from the Hest Bank Hotel there is very little left of the old fishing village of Hest Bank, Station Road and the area near to the level crossing is victorian nearly everything else was built in the last 100 years.


Main Routes through Slyne with HestThe A6 and M6 in Slyne with Hest

The A6 enters Slnye from nearby Bolton le Sands to the north, passing through several fields of a green belt between the two villages. It continues is jorney southward rising into Slyne Village passing several old cottages on the right before reaching a summit and passing two hotels the second on a long 's' bend before passing several large ash trees as the road come into the suberb of Standerland almost a separate village at the junction with the old road from Lancater to Hest Bank, passing several semi detached houses the A6 then crosses the boundary into Lancaster.

The A6 through Slyne is possible the quietest it has been since just north of Milnthorpe, most of the traffic that passed through Carnforth and Bolton le Sands use the A5105 through Hest Bank to Morecambe.

The M6 passes Slyne to the east, actuatly entering the parish just south of the summit of the hill that climbs from Nether Kellet it stays in the parish for only half a mile crossing into Halton just as it starts to decend past Beaumont Cote. When the M6 was first proposed there should have been a junction at the summit but it was never built.